Lifetime Dance Moms Season 3 Episode 20 PUTLOCKER STREAM

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  • Episode Name:
    Tell All, Part 2
  • Air date:
  • Summary:
    Kristie Ray is quick to defend Abby; Melissa is annoyed by Jackie and her daughter Sophia Lucia; Abby battles with Cathy.

The worst moments of Dance Moms (aside from when Abby is making children cry) are when storylines are obviously manufactured. Christi, Holly, Melissa, Kelly, Jill and especially Cathy cannot act for their lives — and given that Abby will never take responsibility for anything ever, sometimes episodes just turn into forced arguments between the adults. Even the kids are so used to being on TV that their THs have gotten stale. If there’s nothing to fight about each episode, that’s fine. The dancing is honestly usually good enough to keep our attention going.


Even though the side projects are usually short-lived and low-stakes, I actually really enjoy when the individual girls venture out and do something other than train for a weekly competition… I don’t even mind when a whole episode is based around a plug for another Lifetime show. (I mean, who could possibly get mad at Drop Dead Diva?) It was so nice to see Paige get some time to shine in the finale with her photo shoot, and I would love to see more of that next season instead of the same shtick every week. Also, to say I’m excited that we’re getting a Dance Moms reunion special is the understatement of the year. Small tweaks and little additions like that go a long way.


I think we’ve finally exhausted all of the feuding the current ALDC women could possibly have. It’s been a long season of veteran mom vs. veteran mom, veteran mom vs. new mom, everyone vs. Abby and Abby vs. Cathy — and that doesn’t even cover the same Chloe/Maddie rivalry the producers have created for us. Can we please get some fresh blood in here? I don’t mean a new mom, either, as we saw that this season with Nicaya and her mom and their short-lived time on the show.

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